The Sound of an American Icon in Your DAW: Harrison Audio Launch the 32Classic Channel Strip Plug-in

The Sound of an American Icon in Your DAW: Harrison Audio Launch the 32Classic Channel Strip Plug-in

Responsible for countless hit records, Harrison’s new flagship studio plug-in delivers the ‘classic’ 32 Series console sound in your DAW while adding new features focused on modern production

Nashville, Tennessee, May 29th, 2024 — Harrison Audio is delighted to announce the launch of its new 32Classic Channel Strip Plug-in. Inspired by the legendary Harrison ‘32 Series’ console — responsible for some of the biggest hits of the '70s and ‘80s — the 32Classic is an American icon reimagined for today's artists, producers, and engineers. With the release of the 32Classic plug-in, users can access the sound of one of Harrison’s most highly regarded consoles in their DAW. The 32Classic Plug-in is available now in several formats including VST2, VST3, AAX, and AU as part of the ever-growing SSL Complete and Complete Access subscriptions from $14.99/m (Ts&Cs apply) or perpetual purchase via the Harrison eStore.

Regarded in many high-end studios as the sonic benchmark, Harrison studio consoles are known for their super-smooth and musical EQ, legendary filters, and intuitive ‘get-the-job-done’ workflow. Capturing Harrison’s classic console sound, the 32Classic plug-in features a new ‘Drive’ control for dialing in warm, harmonic saturation based on the 32Classic consoles Jensen transformer-coupled mic pre. Additionally, the 32Classic plug-in boasts a 4-band parametric EQ section and full dynamics processing, offering three distinct compression modes, and an ‘Emphasis’ knob to access more vintage character. Of course, Harrison’s flagship studio channel strip plug-in would not be complete without their highly regarded High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters.


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The sound of legends
The 32Classic Channel Strip Plug-in delivers the sound and workflow that generations of artists and engineers have trusted to help craft their sound. Whether it was Michael Jackson, John Coltrane, and Diana Ross at Westlake Studios, or BB King, Steely Dan, and Fleetwood Mac at The Village, LA. ABBA, Led Zeppelin, and Adam Ant at Polar Studios, Stockholm. Or Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, and Al Green at Sound Emporium, Nashville. The 32 Series consoles helped create some of the most influential and highly regarded music ever made, and now with the 32Classic plug-in, you can access the sound and workflow in your DAW that engineers like Bruce Swedien, Roger Nichols, and Reinhold Mack trusted to make music that stands the test of time.

Classic channel strip
Based on the 32Classic console’s high-performance, Jensen JT-MB-CPCA transformer-coupled mic preamp, the ‘DRIVE’ control adds warm harmonic saturation to your tracks. Additionally, the 32Classic Channel Strip Plug-in features a super-smooth four-band parametric EQ with a proportional Q, providing versatile, musical results on nearly all instruments and sounds. Switch between Shelf and Bell mode on the high and low bands, while using the overlapping mid-bands to carve your sound. Many consider Harrison filters a key part of their classic sound. The 32Classic Plug-in features High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters, which range from 25Hz to 3.15kHz, and 160Hz to 20kHz respectively, providing a wide range of control from extreme to beautifully subtle.


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Control your mix
The 32Classic plug-in’s fully featured compressor provides all the control you would expect in a premium standalone unit, offering three types of compression and a sidechain filter with a sweepable frequency and a ‘listen’ function. The three compressor modes include ‘COMP,’ which provides highly versatile, traditional VCA-style compression; ‘LEVEL,’ which offers a smooth gain reduction for subtly taming dynamics; and ‘LIMIT,’ a fast-acting, aggressive style of compression perfect for adding punch and energy to your tracks. The ‘Emphasis’ control allows users to access a more vintage style of compression, reacting to louder sounds more quickly and resulting in a smoother character. Like on the original console, the 32Classic plug-in’s Gate/Expander is musical and intuitive to use. The gain-reduction metering offers instant visual feedback, allowing users to take full control of their sounds. The routing section easily rearranges the processing order of the Gate/Expander, Compressor, and EQ for complete versatility.


Key Features:

  • Emulates the Harrison 32Classic consoles channel strip.
  • 32Classic four-band parametric EQ with proportional Q.
  • Famous ultra-wide Harrison High Pass / Low Pass Filters.
  • Transformer section with ‘Drive’ control based on the Jensen JT-MB-CPCA for adding warm, harmonic saturation.
  • Compressor with three distinct modes, sweepable side-chain filter & ‘Emphasis’ control.
  • Fully featured Gate/Expander section.
  • Switchable Routing options for the GATE, COMP & EQ.
  • Analog style VU metering.
  • Channel Configurations — Mono, Stereo, Multi-Channel up to 16 wide.
  • Key utility tools include polarity flip and ‘listen’ on each processing module to dial in settings quickly.
  • Supports All Formats — AAX, VST, VST3, AU.

For more information on the new Harrison 32Classic Plug-in, to access a demo, or purchase perpetually, visit:

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About Harrison
​Harrison has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing audio mixing consoles in Nashville, Tennessee (Music City, USA) since 1975. Our products serve the markets of music recording/mixing, international film and television sound production, audio post production, broadcast sound, and live sound reinforcement. Over 1,500 Harrison consoles have been installed worldwide, constituting a significant share of the overall world market for high-end audio consoles. Harrison's dominance of the high-end market demonstrates that customers who require solutions to complex problems invariably turn to Harrison to provide the answer.

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