Modbap Modular’s New Stereo Effects Processor Is Now Shipping Worldwide

Modbap Modular’s New Stereo Effects Processor Is Now Shipping Worldwide

CLRS, a new creative tool from the California-based musical instrument maker, is now available to order.

Los Angeles, CA, June 27, 2024 — At last month’s Superbooth electronic music event in Berlin, Modbap Modular founder Corry Banks debuted a dynamic new effects processor called CLRS.

Pronounced "colors,” the instrument’s name is a nod to its source of inspiration: Modbap’s HUE audio color and textural processing module, a staple in DJ and producer workflows since its release in 2022.

“Both CLRS and HUE are really about adding color to sound,” Banks said. “My vision with CLRS was to take what HUE does best — enhancing and transforming the tone and texture of any source audio — and demonstrate how much utility can fit into such a compact unit. Adding stereo functionality takes it to the next level.”

Performability is the cornerstone of Modbap Modular’s mission and product line. With CLRS, the instrument’s DJ-style filter allows for organic movement and sound sculpting throughout any studio session or live performance set.

“This new module has more sweet spots, more surprises,” the seasoned designer and technologist shared. “When I think about distortion, for example, it’s not about noise — I’m usually going for something that creates a pleasant, nostalgic sound reminiscent of something recorded to tape. It’s about adding harmonics, enhancing harmonics. I love the subtleties of tape and recording with vintage audio gear. Although it can get gnarly, CLRS is about those subtleties and nuances.”

In 10HP format, the instrument is equally suitable as an addition to any Eurorack setup or as an end-of-chain effects processor for gear like drum machines and grooveboxes.

​Key Features of CLRS:

  • Flexible audio processing effect
  • DJ-style filter (HP and LP) for seamless live performance
  • Endless expressivity with CV inputs for Tape (Mag), Drive, and Lo-fi effects
  • Intuitive one-knob compressor with switchable ratio
  • Ducking input for side-chain capabilities
  • Stereo input and output for spatial control
  • Versatile, space-saving design in 10HP

, designed and manufactured in Southern California, is now shipping and available to order at and with select retailers worldwide.

​About Modbap Modular
Modbap Modular, founded by Corry Banks, is a black-owned electronic music instrument manufacturer. The company’s instruments are made and designed in Southern California, USA, with the goal and mission to develop fun, forward-thinking, performance-oriented tools with the DJ and beatmaker’s perspective in mind.

Launched in 2020, Modbap Modular's products are distributed by Electro-Distro and sold in 40+ electronic musical instrument stores across the globe: North America, Europe, and Asia. Learn more about Modbap Modular here.


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