IQOYA GUEST Provides Pristine, Reliable Web-based Audio for Virtual Trade Shows

IQOYA GUEST Provides Pristine, Reliable Web-based Audio for Virtual Trade Shows

IQOYA GUEST solves the audio quality issues plaguing video conferencing platforms during the time when trade shows need it most

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October 1, 2020 — As more and more trade shows go virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic, poor audio quality continues to plague video conferencing platforms.

In the absence of all-important face-to-face meetings and trade shows, attendees and manufacturers are left presenting their products and services over unstable audio connections.

It is the trade organization’s responsibility to provide both the manufacturers and buyers with high-quality, stable audio so attendees can listen in on educational sessions, showcase products and facilitate buying decisions.

Enter Digigram’s IQOYA GUEST: a scalable, reliable solution that delivers an impeccable audio experience. An inexpensive solution, IQOYA GUEST delivers a higher quality and more stable audio experience than Zoom, ensuring each detail in every product demonstration is heard without dropouts.

IQOYA GUEST — a hosted solution simple to implement — is a multi-user, multi-location platform that requires no hardware and no application download. The mobile-friendly solution offers users uninterrupted, distortion-free audio connections via a unique GUEST link — delivering a 20Hz to 20,000Hz frequency range — or the entire range of human hearing.

This distinguishing factor alone makes all the difference for virtual educational sessions, product demonstrations and virtual business meetings where critical listening is key.

Set up and ready to use within minutes, IQOYA GUEST allows hosts to share GUEST links with their attendees via email or social media. The attendees then click the link to open IQOYA GUEST in their Firefox browser while turning the audio on their video conferencing platform off. Video can be viewed directly through the video conferencing platform, while a reliable, high-quality, 2-way audio connection comes through the IQOYA GUEST link.

IQOYA GUEST is a perfect solution for all facets of the online trade show. From smaller product demos to large-scale online educational sessions, unique IQOYA GUEST links provide all participants with a pristine auditory experience. IQOYA GUEST is a software-as-purchase service for a monthly or annual fee.

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