Erica Synths Unveils Another Module in the mki x es. edu line: EDU DIY Sequencer

Erica Synths Unveils Another Module in the mki x es. edu line: EDU DIY Sequencer

A five step sequencer that will make your oscillator sing

Riga, Latvia, April 25, 2022 — Erica Synths continues its inspiring mki x es.EDU project of educational DIY kits in cooperation with Moritz Klein. The latest offering is a new sequencer, which join the recently announced EG, VCO and VCF modules. In total, the mki x es.EDU project will consist of 9 kits in addition to the DIY enclosure and PSU — developed so users can create a fully featured modular mono-synth. This includes a sequencer, a VCO, a wavefolder, a noise/S&H module, a mixer, a VCF, an envelope generator, a dual VCA and an output stereo mixer with a headphone amplifier.

If you’re new to DIY synthesizer building, you might’ve run into this issue: you just set up your first VCO on a breadboard, spent a good while troubleshooting the stubborn thing – and then you realize you have nothing to actually control it with. If this is you, no worries: here’s a super simple five-step sequencer that Erica Synths and Moritz Klein have designed - it will make your oscillator sing in no time.



The EDU DIY Sequencer is available now at the Erica Synths web shop and is priced at €65 EUR (VAT excl.)


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