Erica Synths to Unveil SYNTRX II and LXR Eurorack Module at SuperBooth22

Erica Synths to Unveil SYNTRX II and LXR Eurorack Module at SuperBooth22

SYNTRX II inspires deeper exploration into contemporary electronic and experimental music, while LXR Eurorack delivers powerful percussion and bassline features to your case

Riga, Latvia, May 10, 2022 — Erica Synths [SuperBooth22 booth O235] will be unveiling its SYNTRX II desktop synthesizer and a new LXR Eurorack module at SuperBooth22. Also, the company announced it will be taking pre-orders on its PĒRKONS HD-01 — its live performance and sound design instrument — as of May 10th.


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SYNTRX II - a new dark horse for experimental sonic rides
​Peter Zinovieff himself approved Erica Synths' re-imagination of his legendary Synthi AKS in the form of the SYNTRX, which was produced in a limited run of 1056 units. Based on lessons learned from the SYNTRX, Erica Synths has created an instrument which will integrate even deeper into contemporary electronic and experimental music setups, covering sonic territory from daunting drones, to powerful basslines, to glitched noisescapes.

The SYNTRX II is the culmination of Erica Synths' analogue sound design circuits: two perfectly stable main oscillators with waveshapers, a versatile multimode filter, supercharged external instrument inputs with an envelope follower, a unique and beautiful sounding ringmodulator, a recordable joystick, and a built in piano roll sequencer — all arranged around the company's signature matrix mixer. This is all topped off with powerful FX on a new DSP platform.


  • Two perfectly stable main oscillators with CV controlled waveforms 
  • Modulation oscillator with variable waveforms 
  • Highpass and Lowpass filters in series 
  • Free running or gate synced sample and hold circuit 
  • Multi-colour noise generator 
  • DC coupled instrument inputs with signal inversion and envelope follower 
  • Ringmodulator of unique design 
  • Looping trapezoid envelope generator and VCA 
  • Two output VCAs 
  • Signal meter with a dedicated audio/CV output 
  • FX section with great sounding Delay and Reverb 
  • Recordable Joystick Analogue patch matrix with 3 attenuation levels in each patch point 
  • 254 patch memory 
  • Piano roll sequencer 
  • Two CV inputs 
  • Gate input 
  • DIN5 MIDI Input (CV and Gate) and MIDI Thru 
  • Two assignable outputs 
  • Headphone output 

RRP: €1,800 EUR (VAT excl.) // MAP: $2,179 USD // Available summer '22


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LXR Eurorack module - a digital percussion and bassline powerhouse for your rack
​The LXR-02, a fully-fledged digital drum machine with an integrated sequencer by Sonic Potions and Erica Synths, was launched less than a year ago and has since gained instant recognition among sound designers and preforming musicians. Due to the popularity of this design, Erica Synths has created a compact a superb sounding Eurorack module based on the sound engine of the LXR-02. While retaining the core interface of the LXR-02, this module adds the essential Eurorack ingredient: assignable CV control over parameters.


  • 6 drum/percussion voices 
  • 3 voices can be used as basslines 
  • Powerful sound design engine 
  • Over 30 adjustable parameters per voice 
  • 5 assignable CV inputs with 1V/Oct tracking 
  • Insert FX section 
  • 4 assignable outputs 
  • Kit memory
  • SD card for Kit exchange and easy FW updates 
  • Kits compatible with the LXR-02 
  • Module width - 28 HP

RRP: €410 EUR (VAT excl.) // MAP: $499 USD // Available summer '22


​Live performance and sound design instrument

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Pre-order 10/05/22 // Shipping from July 2022 // RRP: €1,650 EUR (VAT excl.) // MAP: $1,999 USD 

We are looking forward to see you all in Berlin for another edition of Superbooth! Find us at booth BOOTH O235.


About Erica Synths
Erica Synths team of visionaries, engineers and musicians have been working hard to bring you modules and instruments that will set your modular system apart from mass in terms of how it sounds, looks and functions.


LXR Eurorack module images

PĒRKONS HD-01 images





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