Amphion Partners with Playback Distribution for Wider Accessibility of Home Audio Products in the U.S

Amphion Partners with Playback Distribution for Wider Accessibility of Home Audio Products in the U.S

The companies will kick off this partnership at the Florida International Audio Expo in Tampa

Tampa, Florida, February 15, 2024— Amphion Loudspeakers is pleased to announced their new partnership with Playback Distribution, which will make their home audio speaker line more widely available in America as of February 15th. The companies will commemorate their new collaboration at the Florida International Audio Expo from February 16 through 18th in Tampa. Amphion’s latest floor standing speaker the Krypton3X will make its U.S exhibition debut. The innovative updated full range will be showcased and available for demo in Playback Distribution’s Room 1006 located at the Embassy Suites by Hilton on 555 N Westshort Blvd, Tampa, Florida.

With a 25-year tenure in designing and building HiFi speakers, Amphion is driven by honest and accurate sound reproduction. For the last 10 years they expanded their focus to building studio monitors for the professional recording industry used by audio engineers mixing albums for Billie Eilish, Beck, Kendrick Lamar to film composer artists like Ali-Shaheed Muhammed and Jussi Tegelman. Amphion is eager to refine and build upon their home speaker offerings for audio enthusiasts by having the Krypton, Argon and Helium Series more widely available to purchase in the American market.

Krypton3X employs an innovative cardioid midrange to minimize unwanted reflections
Krypton3X employs an innovative cardioid midrange to minimize unwanted reflections

Founded in 2023 Playback Distribution is passionate about providing access to state-of-the-art playback systems. Led by Rob Standley, President and Co-Founder, and Keith Haas, Director of HiFi Sales, the pair have several decades of experience in the Consumer Electronic industry. By offering high quality brands like Esoteric, TEAC and Advance Paris along with Quadraspire audio furniture and cabling from Esprit, the company is focused by elevating the way customers experience their favorite content based on their unique preferences and desires. Playback Distribution is now selling Amphion loudspeakers. They will be available to purchase through their website.

​“We are very excited about the opportunity to work together with Playback distribution,” CEO Anssi Hyvönen said. “They are a passionate and capable organization who can quickly raise the awareness and availability of Amphion home products in the American market. Our products are widely used by some of the world’s top sound engineers and now the audiophiles will have a chance to experience their work in undiluted fashion also thru products, which will expose new exciting details and nuances even from recordings you thought you knew by heart.”


The Amphion Home Audio Series

The Krypton3X, announced at High-End Munich 2023, is the updated 3-way flagship loudspeaker that amplifies Amphion’s expertise with a design 25-years in the making. The highly innovative reference speaker employs an innovative cardioid midrange to minimize unwanted reflections no matter the room size or placement. Combining a mighty midrange with a hidden 10” bass the Krypton3X achieves to a full range, realistic orchestral performance outside of a concert hall. Available in Standard White, Black and Walnut from $24,000/pair.

Argon7LS in Full White with Green Grids
Argon7LS in Full White with Green Grids

The Argon Series is based on the highest quality components with innovative acoustical engineering through an electrically simple but elegant crossover design. This line includes the Argon0 desktop loudspeaker, Argon1 and Argon3S bookshelf speakers, as well as the Argon3LS and Argon7LS floor standing speakers with the Argon5C as the centre channel for home theatre playback. The Helium line consists of easy-to-place speakers with an adaptable yet modern design. With two bookshelf speakers Helium410 and Helium510, the Helium520C as a centre channel and the floor standing Helium520. All of the speakers in the Argon and Helium family may be purchased individually or combined to create a comprehensive home theatre setup.

Helium series of speakers
Helium series of speakers

To learn more about Amphion, please visit

To learn more, please visit Playback Distribution:

About Amphion
​Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd. was established in 1998. We design and build loudspeakers that are characterized by honest and accurate sound reproduction. Precise driver integration ensures world-class imaging and phase coherency. Controlled dispersion technology helps achieve more stable results in a variety of room acoustics. All products are handmade in Finland (and the Amphion amplifiers are assembled in Finland) to ensure enduring listening quality.

About Playback Distribution

Established in 2023 Playback Distribution strives for excellence, innovation, and the deep appreciation for the transformative power of immersive entertainment. Their mission is to be the ultimate partner for entertainment enthusiasts by continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible in playback technology and helping our customers create unforgettable moments in the comfort of their own spaces through expert guidance and a curated selection of high-quality components.

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