ADDAC System Announces Voltage Monitoring System for Eurorack

ADDAC System Announces Voltage Monitoring System for Eurorack

The New ADDAC200 Rails Monitor is a simple way to ensure your system is receiving an optimal range of power

Lisbon, Portugal, June 20, 2024 — ADDAC System announces its latest Eurorack module, ​ ADDAC200 Rails Monitor — designed to help users closely monitor the voltage of their systems. Although it is commonplace to refer to Eurorack power supply unit (PSU) voltages as +12V and -12V and most systems operate in close proximity to this range, there can be many situations in which a drop from this range is large enough to negatively impact the performance of a system.

The ADDAC200 Rails Monitor offers a simple and straightforward way for users to monitor the voltage of their systems. The new Rails Monitor features a 0.1% precision analog voltage meter that shows the status of both the +12V and -12V rail. Monitoring is important, because running a PSU too close to its limits can cause more stress to the PSU. It is good practice is to use approximately 75% of the PSU maximum ratings, and this can extend the overall PSU life.

Technical specifications

  • 4HP
  • 3,5 cm deep
  • 60mA +12V
  • 60mA -12V
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Identify PSU voltage drops
​Very often, PSUs will exhibit a small voltage drop as current increases — particularly when systems are pushed closed to their limits. Heat can also influence this drop, since heat is related to the current drawn. As more current is being drawn, more heat is likely to build up on the PSU — and extreme heat conditions are liable to reduce the maximum amount of current that can be delivered by the PSU.

While a consumption drop in current is somewhat stable and immediate, voltage drops from heat buildup can take more time to occur until it stabilizes — and only if it has the necessary “headroom” to stabilize. If the heat is not effectively dissipated, then the voltage drop will likely continue until it reaches a balance point which can be several volts below the common 12V reference. At this point, a PSU would be under great stress and the heat generated can have a lasting negative impact on a system. This is is why it is important to keep the PSU load at a sensible level, and the ADDAC200 Rails Monitor can help in achieving this.

PSU impact on modules
​Some Eurorack modules are more susceptible to PSU changes than others. Modules that feature internal regulators will be less susceptible to swings in PSU voltage, and modules that use internal +5v, ±9v, ±10v regulators will have more tolerance in most cases. Also, modules that use voltage reverse protection will already have a 0.3v to 0.8v drop inherent to the protection circuit.

While many digital modules can withstand lower voltages, others may be more dependent on the reference voltage and may exhibit strange behaviors. The ADDAC200 Rails Monitor module can help preventing all these situations. It has not been designed to fix any problem, but will provide day to day monitoring of your system to help keep your PSU in healthy conditions.

The ADDAC200 Rails Monitor is available now and priced at €100. For more information on the Rails Monitor and more information about PSUs, please visit the ADDAC product page.


About ADDAC System
​ADDAC develops advanced instruments for sonic expression. The company started back in 2009 with an ambition to explore the potential crossover between analog synthesizers and computers. Because its first creations sparked a lot of attention, ADDAC decided to work hard and put them in customers' hands. Today our product line is focused on a new breed of hybrid synths, that make use of the best of both the digital and analog worlds. We've grown to be able to reach thousands of enthusiastic clients, friends and collaborators. Always looking into conceptualizing and developing the most exquisite instruments, we hope you're able to join and share this passion with us.

Our solutions can be found in many personal studio throughout the world, owned by musicians in several planes of stardom. We especially appreciate seeing them being used in a very wide range of musical genres.

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